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(遺言・相続、内容証明・公正証書、法人設立手続、中小企業支援 等)


Declaration/financial statement preparation

We prepare various tax returns and financial statements, including income tax and corporate tax.
Our experienced personnel who specialize in accounting and tax affairs prepare tax returns that comply with the tax laws that are revised almost every year.

事実証明(遺言・相続、内容証明・公正証書、法人設立手続、中小企業支援 等)に関する書類の作成は行政書士の独占業務でございます。 簡単に申し上げますと、事実証明の書類は社会生活にかかわる様々な交渉を有する事柄等を証明するための文書のことです。



Management consultation


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to start a business or establish a company.
We will support you smoothly until the opening of business with establishment support in partnership with judicial scriveners and social insurance labor consultants.
When you start a business, you may have high expectations for future business development and business opportunities, but you may also have various concerns about funding and human resources. I would appreciate it if you could talk frankly about such concerns.

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